We Have What You Need for Halloween

28 September 2021
We Have What You Need for Halloween

Halloween is almost here to usher in the 2021 holiday season, and it promises to be an especially lively one (at least in certain parts of the country). Trick or treat will be back in full effect after a stunted (but inspiring) 2020 effort, and the year off is likely to have built anticipation to a fever pitch. That’s to say nothing of the rush that bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in some locales are sure to see this Halloween. Even movie theaters could see a wave of increased attendance thanks to several tentpole horror releases this month. With all of that activity looming, do you feel prepared?


We stock an assortment of candy at competitive prices, including Halloween classics like Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum (300 piece tubs to ensure an adequate stock), Tootsie Roll® Tootsie Pops, and Spangler® Dum-Dum Pops. Trick or treaters have loved these candies for years and passing them out with a generous hand is a surefire way to earn a reputation as a must-visit house. Of course, they’re also great to have around the house for a few days after Halloween if you should be lucky (or prepared) enough to have leftovers.

For those conscious about passing out chocolate or an excess of sugar on the big night, we carry a variety of LifeSavers® Hard Candy Mints in peppermint and winter green, as well as flavor assortments. And for those just looking for an alternative to chocolates or fruit chews or gummies, we carry Werther's® Original® Hard Candies—a longtime favorite of kids and adults alike. Don’t be underprepared for what’s likely to be the busiest trick or treat season in some time.

Party Supplies

For those throwing Halloween bashes—either for friends or for hire—we carry all of the most essential party decorations and other supplies. Tablemate® Helium Quality Latex Balloons are an easy, cost-effective way to add pops of color to any space. And Creativity Street® Felt Sheets are the perfect medium for creative people to adorn walls, windows, clothes, and more with fall- and Halloween-themed silhouettes. (Oh, and the really crafty folks might appreciate Pacon® Trait-Tex Double Weight Yarn and all of the holiday possibilities it holds).

Whatever your needs this Halloween season, Gergely’s Maintenance King is here to answer the call. Contact us today to see how we can help you prepare!

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