About Us

Gergely’s Maintenance King was founded in 1972 by John and Maggie Gergely. The Couple started the company to support their growing family. The focus was on residential carpet cleaning. Seeing that their carpet cleaning business was growing they decided to invest in a commercial cleaning company. John & Maggie wanted their children to be a part of their dream. Their oldest son, Mike Gergely (Vice President) & his wife, Lori Gergely (General Manager) are currently running the day to day operations. Both Mike and John had a vision and wanted to take the company to the next level. Gergely’s Maintenance King now is a distributor of commercial cleaning products and runs a large commercial cleaning company. Their product line is vast and distributes products from large vendors such as National Chemical, Woodbine, SCA, Karcher, Ocedar commercial products, Tersano, CPI, and North American Plastics.

In 2001 they expanded with the purchase of Dasco Paper Co., which is located in Ashtabula, OH. Dasco focuses on catering supplies, janitorial products and party supplies. Dasco paper can make your event or home look like professionals were there.

In 2011 another acquisition was made when they purchased The San Bay Co. in Sandusky, Ohio. With San Bay’s expertise in restaurant equipment & supplies this completed the product line and helped to cover all of Northern Ohio. San Bay sells commercial refrigeration and freezers, dishwashers, stainless steel tables, hoods, fryers, beer coolers, and furniture. Some of the vendors are Star, Hobart, MTS, True, Table craft, ITI, and Thunder Group and many more.

Customer satisfaction, education and supporting our communities are the company’s focus. We encourage our customers to look at earth friendly products and solutions to do a better job. Our staff has over 50 years combined knowledge in our industry. Between the three companies, the Gergely family employs 20 full time staff and 50 plus part time staff. From the couple's original vision they have developed and support many families in Northern Ohio.