The Renewed Importance of Professional Cleaning Services

04 January 2021
The Renewed Importance of Professional Cleaning Services

For many business owners, hiring a professional cleaning service is either an afterthought or viewed as a luxury expense. This attitude seems especially prevalent in the retail and food service industries, where employees are often tasked with cleaning duties in addition to their primary responsibilities. But now is the perfect time for a sea change in those antiquated ways of thinking. Cleaning companies are—and should be positioning themselves as—a vital money-saving and revenue-generating service for businesses operating under coronavirus rules and restrictions.

While COVID-related operating procedures are different from state to state, consumer and employee expectations are very much in-sync: people want to be in environments that they perceive as not only clean, but hygienic. There is no way to achieve that other than more frequent, more specialized cleaning—and those things take manpower and a certain level of expertise to implement. Professional cleaning services are a one-step solution. They have the knowledge, equipment, and personnel necessary to correctly address the concerns that your customers or employees will have. Inspiring that kind of consumer confidence in your business is especially important right now because people have enough alternatives that they can probably stop shopping anywhere perceived as unclean. Cleanliness, at least for the foreseeable future, is next to profitability.

Besides keeping employees and customers coming back, hiring a cleaning service is also a good way to potentially save money in the current climate. As mentioned, a reputable service will furnish its own equipment and supplies, which means business owners no longer must invest precious revenue in cleaning supplies. This is especially true of the sorts of specialty or high-powered agents currently in use to combat coronavirus. Quaternary disinfectants, for example, are relatively expensive and must be used by a trained hand in the prescribed manner or else they risk doing more harm than good for the cleanliness and hygiene of your business. Now is not a time for that kind of waste or missed opportunity to build goodwill with consumers.

Understand that the landscape in the cleaning world has shifted from cleaning for appearance to cleaning for health. For businesses operating under strict health and safety guidelines, that probably means bringing in a professional on at least a part-time basis. For those cleaning professionals, it means trusting in Gergely’s Maintenance King to meet all of your sanitation needs.

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