Social Distancing in the Post-Quarantine World

30 April 2020
Social Distancing in the Post-Quarantine World

State governors are beginning to ease stay-at-home orders and allowing some nonessential businesses to reopen, albeit with social distancing guidelines in place. While limiting the total number of people allowed in a space is an excellent starting point, we are not culturally accustomed to staying far away from one another in public places. Your clients and employees alike will need consistent, clear reminders to avoid direct contact, stay at least 6 feet apart, and wash/sanitize their hands regularly. Floor and wall signage are simple, cost-effective methods of reinforcing those measures and their importance.

We have seen essential businesses—like grocery stores and manufacturing facilities—achieve great success by using tape to mark out six-foot distance indicators and “do not cross” lines. Now a wave of more durable, more professional wall and floor signs are coming to the market to help you protect your most valued assets—people. These are designed to be eye-catching while maintaining the aesthetics of commercial and industrial design. As we begin to navigate a post-quarantine world, these social distancing reminders may become as normal as “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work” signage.

These products go beyond simple signage, though. Commercial and industrial floor mats with 6-foot interval markers are being produced to help back-of-house and production floor employees maintain a safe distance from one another. Mats with handwashing and no-contact reminders will be available for your sanitary/clean environments. As design and production companies become aware of the specific needs of businesses in the post-quarantine world, other products will undoubtedly come to market to meet those needs.

Gergely’s Maintenance King is your trusted partner for sanitation and germ control as the American economy restarts and afterward. We will help you protect your clients, employees, and families as our lives return to normal.

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