Commercial Floor Care

02 August 2021
Commercial Floor Care

Floorcare is one of the signature tasks—if such a thing exists—of the commercial cleaning world. The owners and managers of working spaces across the nation depend on cleaning professionals to protect expensive, functional floors from unnecessary wear and tear and keep them safe for employees. Like any other important job, good floor care requires an assortment of tools that are built for heavy use, suited to the task at hand, and appropriate for the flooring in each space. Floorcare can be broken down into two categories: carpeted surfaces and hard surfaces. We’ll take a look at some of the tools appropriate for each.

Carpeted Floor Care

Caring for carpeted floors in commercial spaces is very much like doing the job in a residential space—a vacuum for everyday removal of dust, lint, and other dry debris, as well as a carpet cleaner for spot cleaning wet spills/debris and semi-regular deep cleanings. Windsor makes high-quality machines in both veins.

Their Sensor® S2 HEPA Upright Vacuum, available in 12- and 14-inch wide variants, comes standard with HEPA filtration and a powerful 1.6hp motor that captures dirt easily. The company’s Sensor® S Upright Vacuum, available in 12- and 15-inch versions, features the same 1.6hp motor but traps 99.6% of contaminants 0.3 microns or larger—the highest MERV rating levels. All of them are excellent vacuums for use in commercial spaces.

Carpeted floors also call for machines that both deep clean the entire surface and effectively spot clean wet spills when they happen. Windsor’s Admiral™ 8 and Cadet™ 7—8- and 7-gallon models, respectively—are heavy-duty carpet extractors that handle smaller areas incredibly well. Larger areas are better suited to the Clipper™ 12 (12-gallon) and Commodore™ 20 (20-gallon) machines, though both are maneuverable enough to work in small spaces, too. The Admiral™ and Clipper™ also feature flip-over handles to facilitate either pull- or walk-behind operation. There are few better carpet cleaning options than Windsor’s range.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard floor maintenance has some different requirements than a carpeted floor. Vacuum cleaners are still essential, and the aforementioned Windsor models work just as well for hard surfaces as they do for carpeted. In smaller spaces, or for larger areas where little dry debris accumulates, something like the Axcess™ Dual-Motor Vacuum might make more sense. Regardless of the choice you ultimately make, don’t look at a vacuum cleaner as somewhere to skimp just because you predominantly (or exclusively) clean hard floors.

These surfaces will also need to be cleaned regularly, and in some cases, carpet cleaners can be adapted to work on hard floors. This is the case with several of Windsor’s extractors. There are also ride-on options like the Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20X Deluxe and Chariot™ 3 iScrub 26 Stand-On, which both allow for fast and efficient floor cleaning that isn’t strenuous on the knees or back. Whatever the form, a floor cleaner is essential for making resilient and non-resilient flooring alike last.

Finally, for certain types of hard flooring, you’ll want to have a burnisher on hand. These machines polish/buff hard surfaces, and when the material calls for that sort of treatment few can live up to Windsor’s performance. The Lightning™ 1500 and Lightning™ 2000 are surefire tools when it’s time to put a luster back on floors that have lost it, or maybe never quite had it to begin with.

Whatever your floor care needs, the professionals at Gergely’s Maintenance King can help you pinpoint the perfect tools. Let our years of expertise work for you. Contact us today.

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