Summer Party Supplies

02 July 2021
Summer Party Supplies

Summer is in full swing, holidays are looming, and lockdowns are finally being lifted across the country—party season has well and truly arrived. But behind every good barbeque or boil is a long list of preparations that guests will barely notice, including buying supplies like plates, napkins, cups, etc. Being well-stocked will make you an unsung hero of the summer at best, but skimping could well make you the unintentional villain in a long list of post-lockdown stories. If you’re hosting friends and family this summer, make sure you don’t go without…

Disposable Plates and Utensils

Washing dishes after a small, family dinner can be an obnoxious enough task—never mind washing dishes for a party with 10 or more attendees. If you’re having a party that includes any sort of food, you’ll want to stock up on disposable plates and utensils. There are tried-and-true options like Genpak® Celebrity Foam Plates, Boardwalk® Deerfield Printed Paper Dinnerware, and Boardwalk® Mediumweight Polypropylene Cutlery, as well as newer, more eco-friendly products like Boardwalk® Bagasse Dinnerware (which is made from spent sugarcane), Eco-Products® Wheat Straw Dinnerware (made from, as the name suggests, wheat straw), and Eco-Products® Plantware® Compostable Cutlery (made from the compostable bioplastic PLA). Whatever your preferences, Gergely’s Maintenance King has you covered.


This one is as much for guests’ sake as it for hosts. Summer gatherings, especially the food-centric ones, can be notoriously messy affairs. Barbeque is delicious, but it isn’t particularly clean eating. The same is true of crawfish boils, pig roasts, and so on. Napkins like Metro Paper Chalet® 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkin and Boardwalk® 1/8-Fold Dinner Napkins are proven performers, standing up to the greasiest and sloppiest feasts summer has to offer. There are also more decorative options like Creative Touch of Color 2 Ply Dinner Napkins, which come in a rainbow of colors that complement almost all decorations. No matter what you choose, you and your guests will both be happier for the clean hands.


After a party winds down, there are almost always leftovers. Whether you’re packing them up to put in your refrigerator or send them home with the guests who went the distance, you’ll want to have some extra containers on hand. Reusable plastic is fine, sure, but disposable aluminum containers like the Durable Packaging Aluminum Round Containers with Board Lid are more environmentally sound and you don’t have to worry about tracking down friends and family to get them back. The same is true of eco-friendly paper containers like Eco-Products® Bagasse Hinged Clamshell Containers, which, like the plates mentioned previously, are made from the remnants of spent sugarcane plants. All of them store and transport food exceptionally well—maybe even better than that burnable plastic taking up space in your cabinets. The summer party season is undoubtedly an exciting one, but it also requires preparation to pull off smoothly. Gergely's Maintenance King is your trusted source for all of the supplies that make summer epic.

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